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Company Profile


The main objective of the company is to provide a unique and trouble-free construction experience to our customers through the use of innovative and modern building practices.

We have an extensive network of Construction and building material suppliers, backed by skilled resources rendering unparalleled service which enable us to provide solutions and brand name products at the most competitive prices within the time scales required in order to minimize project interruption.


ACP is structured and positioned to employ the minimum overheads to the benefit of our clients.The management team forms an integral part of the operational activities and takes full accountability for client satisfaction

ACP Construction 

We offer turn-key solutions, this comprises of the following: We are appointed for the total construction period of the building project at a pre-determined fixed price.Should there be any variation orders or changes to the original requirement this will be negotiated and billed at an agreed upon price.

ACP Project Management 

It may be defined as an endeavor in which human, material and financial resources are organized in a novel way to undertake a unique scope of work of given specification within constraints of cost and time so as to achieve beneficial change defined by quantitative and qualitative objectives.


DIRECTOR: Jan Lombard (Chief Executive) GENERAL MANAGEMENT: JohnTala (Labour Relations and Workforce Supervisor) OUR PERSONNEL: We believe that highly motivated human resources are a company’s biggest asset.  We therefore select strong innovative thinkers with excellent customer service records.  Our personnel are qualified and experienced in each field.  We are able to deploy the best quality product and service through selective sourcing whilst keeping our kernel small but efficient.


Include Large and small business, Schools, Game Lodges, Upmarket housing projects and Alterations/Additions etc.


  • Integrity, transparency and quality customer care.
  • To provide a clean, professional and harmonious work environment for optimal individual and group growth.
  • To provide qualitative detailed bids to our customers ensuring no hidden costs.
  • To provide only quality products and services to our clients.
  • Promoting the growth of small businesses in the previous disadvantaged groups through establishing long-term partnerships in these communities.


ACP has the long-term objective to assist small and medium sized black businesses to become successful.  A strategy for selecting potential businesses is followed to ensure that the entity with a strong will to succeed receives the financial and management training and support to reach untapped markets ensuring the elevation of these communities.


Only the best building material is procured and used.  We have an extensive network of building suppliers and can therefore supply all building project related material.


Well known for fast and efficient service.  We provide contentious client support  SOME OF OUR SERVICES: 

  • Extensive Project managed based services.
  • Supplier Management Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Cost Management Services


With more than 30 years’ experience in the Construction Industry you can expect us to perform miracles.