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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

The Safety Manager is an independent Officer with no affiliation with ACP, this is to ensure that we achieve high levels of objectivity and impartiality at all times. A Site Safety Committee is formed on every site, and it consists of the Project Manager / Site Safety Officer (chairman of the Committee) and the Safety Representatives. A high level view of the duties and responsibilities of each individual is given below.

The Site/Project Manager is responsible for the operation of the Company’s Safety Policy on his site. He monitors all activities to ensure the implementation of safety instructions and/or requirements. In the Construction Phase, the Project Manager is responsible for ensuring:

  • Co-operation between contractors.
  • The development of the Health and Safety Plan and  the provision of information and directions to contractors.
  • The collection of information for inclusion in the Health and Safety File.
  • Defining of site rules and the execution of these.

The Quality and Safety Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Company’s Safety Policy, ensuring effective control and co-ordination of the contractors.

  •  His basic duties are to:
  • Advise the Management team and the Project Manager on all legal requirements and safety matters.
  • Ensures that the company’s work is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements and recommended rules.
  • Keeping all relevant safety records and to inform and instruct the Site Safety Officers as to their duties.

The Site Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day implementation of the Company’s Safety Policy and safe working practices, for coordinating the activities of contractors, and for providing relevant information to contractors.

His basic duties are to:

  • Inspect the site and produce a written report highlighting hazards, possible exposure and Risk.
  • Depending on the complexity of the site, the frequency of inspections can vary from once a week to once a month.
  • Call and chair the Safety Committee meetings, to prepare and distribute the agenda and to keep the minutes.

The basic duties of the Safety Representatives are to attend the Safety Committee meetings, to accompany the Labour / Safety Inspector or the Project Manager / Site Safety Officer during the site inspections, to inform the Project Manager / Site Safety Officer of any safety problems arising, to inform their colleagues about health and safety matters and generally to represent the employees at the particular site on health and safety matters.

Monitoring of the Health and Safety Policy:

Health and Safety forms an integral part of the ACP’s Quality Management System. Further to this, a Health and Safety Plan is prepared specifically for each project undertaken by the Company.

The Project Manager, in liaison with the Quality and Safety Manager, arranges for audits to be undertaken on the implementation of the Project Quality Plan as well as the Health and Safety Plan.

The Project Manager also arranges for additional audits to be undertaken on particular sections of the work when required. Corrective and preventive action is taken as and whenever necessary.

Health and Safety enforcement on site:

In summary, the arrangements for carrying out the Health and Safety Policy of the Company are the following:

  • All employees are informed of the policy and must sign a Health and Safety code of conduct.
  • All the identified hazards associated with activities carried out as part of the normal work of the company are dealt with by following standard company procedures that incorporate all elements of health and safety.
  • Health and safety inspections are carried out at regular intervals. Reports are sent to the Quality and Safety Manager who monitors the implementation of the policy and whenever necessary writes an improvement program listing what has to be done, who shall do it and setting a date for completion.
  • Accidents are reported to the Quality and Safety Manager who arranges for an investigation involving visits to the scene of the accident, collection of evidence and taking statements
  • All employees, and especially the Safety Representatives, can inform the Project Manager / Site Safety Officer of any health and safety matters or problems arising on site, either verbally or in writing. The site Safety Notice Board can also be used for the supply and exchange of information.

The following information is displayed on the ACP Safety Notice Board of each site:

  • The Company’s Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Employers Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Form for Notification of Project
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • Location of the first aid boxes and the names of the First Aiders and/or the First Aid Appointed Persons
  • Site Safety Committee – List of Members and Minutes of Meeting
  • General Site Plan
  • The Company’s Site Safety Rules